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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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The new Get Paid To site is just too hard to pass up. For years, paid survey sites and others known as "GPT" or "get paid to" sites have been increasing the flexibility for getting paid free money. These sites can pay you for your time because they're paid by advertisers when you complete surveys, join free services, sign up for trial offers and enter your email address to the mailing lists of other paid survey reward sites.

What's different about the new site emblematically named "Get Paid To" is the payment terms have changed dramatically in comparison to the old guard survey sites and GPT sites that have offered free money for consumer research and other free offers in the past. Here are some of the benefits on the new make money online called Get Paid To.

Get Paid by Paypal Instantly. That's right, instantly. With AW Surveys and other scam survey sites, members wait months hoping for a payment. Once you have fifty cents in your account, test out the site after just your first offer (remember no fee, no investment, no loss - only gain!). The Get Paid To site has automated Paypal payments which are processed within 10 minutes - whenever you might request payment. That means you can complete an offer that pays a few dollars and it credits almost instantly. You transfer your money to paypal via the automated API system and voila~! Your free paypal money is in your account online, instantly.

No Minimum to Cashout. Not only do you get paid free money instantly via paypal but there's also NO minimum required before requesting your automated instant payout. That's right; you don't have to wait for offers to credit, for your payment to be processed, or to reach some redemption level or $25+ required to get paid. Start a free account, complete one quick offer worth a dollar or two. Request cashout after the offer credits (often instantly) and you'll get paid that fast. It's really instant free cash, there's no other way to put it.

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